Welcome to the MX and Mepis Repository Italian Mirror at it.mxrepo.com.

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MEPIS was a Gnu/Linux distribution based on Debian stable with KDE.  This made it a very solid Operating System and Warren Woodford's skillful implementation made it easy to install and use.

However, working from a stable base sometimes means having older versions of some programs and not having some newer programs at all.  That's where the Mepis Community stepped up.  The Community Packaging Team  backported many newer packages that Mepis users wanted.  This Community Repository was the result of those efforts.

MEPIS is no longer being developed - The MEPIS 12 beta2 iso was the last release - but it is still being used, so these repositories are still being updated.

MX was born from the MEPIS and AntiX communities once it was clear no more MEPIS releases were coming. It is also based on debian stable but uses XFCE instead of KDE. It is a middle weight distribution that runs well on older computers and simply flies on newer ones. It has many custom utilities including tools for easy remastering and tools that make it easy to run MX from a flash drive with persistent home and/or root file systems for those who don't want to install to a hard drive.

The Community supports MX as it did MEPIS for many years, with backports of newer packages and debian builds of wanted packages that are not yet in debian, as well as some custom MX utilities. MX-14 is able to use the packages from the MEPIS 12 Community Repositories as well as its own repositories.

This server hosts the MX Repositories and the MEPIS 12 Community Repositories. Repositories for earlier MEPIS releases are only available on the original server.

The preferred method of installing packages is by adding these repositories

For MX-16
deb http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/ mx16 main non-free
deb http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/ mx15 main non-free

For MX-15
deb http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/ mx15 main non-free

For MX-14:
deb http://mxrepo.com/mepiscr/xfce/ xfce-4.10 main non-free  (for MX-14 Main repo)

For MEPIS 12.0 and MX-14:
deb http://mxrepo.com/mepiscr/repo/ mepis12cr main non-free  (for Mepis 12.0 Main repo)

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and using the normal tools (Synaptic, apt-get or aptitude).

The packages in the Testing repositories haven't been through as much testing as the packages in the main repository. Although the packagers believe them to be safe occasionally issues can arise. If you want to install a package in Testing add this repository

deb http://mxrepo.com/mx/testrepo/ mx15 test (Testing Repo for MX-15 & MX-16)

deb http://mxrepo.com/mepiscr/mx-test/ mx-14 test  (Testing Repo for MX-14)

deb http://mxrepo.com/mepiscr/testrepo/ mepis12cr test  (Testing Repo for MEPIS 12.0 and MX-14)